Feel Comfortable


"No more waiting for equipment, having other patrons watch you, or wondering if you're doing an exercise correctly. This is exactly what I needed." - Elisa A.

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Feel Better

"I was going to get a prescription for Physical Therapy, but because my trainer has been giving me corrective actions during our training sessions, my overall body soreness is as an all time low. My knees, back and shoulders don’t hurt anymore, and I feel better than I have in a long time!" - Dan B.

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Look Better

"I started training at Welligee eight months ago and have had unbelievable success! They helped me to not only gain strength and lose over 65 pounds, but also educated me so that I would know how to eat properly in order to keep the weight off!" - Susan B.

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Join us on September 2nd, at 7 pm

To kick off our new class, break out your leg warmers and bandanas for 80's night. The first class will be FREE of charge. Space is limited for this event, so reserve your spot today!


Contact us now to receive your first two weeks of training for $79!